Testing Your Home for Mold

Nothing is more important than the air you and your family breathe in your home. The presence of mold can harm air quality and lead to respiratory illnesses and other health maladies for the people you care about most.

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Our Mold Testing Services

We use a high capacity air pump to collect air samples. The samples are sent to a local laboratory, where a microbiologist analyzes the samples and provides a detailed report on the home’s air quality.

Mold Can Be a Symptom

When mold is confined to a specific area of the home, it is often a symptom of another issue. For example, mold on a ceiling tile can be caused by a water pipe that routinely leaks and keeps the tile moist. Our thorough inspection can uncover mold and related issues so you can begin formulating a mitigation plan or decide to take your home search in another direction. Get the information you need to make an informed decision. Book your inspection today.

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